Right Brain Hats for a Left Brain World

I am inspired by the beauty of the written word and poetry.  Also, I find urban, cultural and ancient rituals of costume and clothing, fascinating. In constructing a hat, I embellish the surface with elements taken from these ideas. I like to mix them with scientific and spiritual symbolism. The hats are cryptic, yet functional – practicality tiptoeing into the realm of art.


"I bought one of your hats from the Verksted Gallery 5 or 6 years ago for my birthday. I'm small, and my head gets cold, so I saw the hat as a long term investment for my head. Since then it's been drenched in rain, covered in snow, scraped against all sorts of things, been sat on multiple times, and has had cats sleep in it. Despite all this not a thread is out of place and it's still as warm and stylish as the day I bought it. People still compliment it and ask me where I got it, so I make sure to tell them where to go to get one." - Martine