Favorite Hat
I bought one of your hats from the Verksted Gallery 5 or 6 years ago for my birthday. I'm small, and my head gets cold, so I saw the hat as a long term investment for my head. Since then it's been drenched in rain, covered in snow, scraped against all sorts of things, been sat on multiple times, and has had cats sleep in it. Despite all this not a thread is out of place and it's still as warm and stylish as the day I bought it. People still compliment it and ask me where I got it, so I make sure to tell them where to go to get one. – Martine

The compliments on my hat just keep on coming!  I have to say, it has been quite the show stopper, strangers on the street will lean in and say "nice hat!“ Of course i tell everyone about you when they ask. -Nancy


My friend's sister (Anita Albala) is the most talented wool artist I know. She buys only the best wool, then 'felts' it, then inserts beautiful strands of more wool or other colorful fabrics that she stitches in, creating the warmest hats I've ever worn that are also pieces of art and beautiful. I wore one of mine outside today to shovel and earlier this week when I walked downtown and back (1mile total) in 10 degrees. They're not cheap but are SO worth it!!! -Jane R., Michigan

THANK YOU for my beautiful black felted hat. I wore it for the first time today on my walk. I have A Mystic's Journey. It caught my eye in Poulsbo a few weeks back and has hung in the foyer where I have admired it every day. I appreciate your artist's eye, re-imagining the world for us with beauty. -Rosemarie K.


Oh you have been blessed with such a gift!  I love them!!!!  I feel so pretty in your hats, especially when I am having a bad hair day LOL.  -Jill


Because one Wooly Noggin hat is not enough...........

I am the happy owner of one of your hats and one headband. I know that there are more in my future!  You wouldn’t believe (well, maybe you would) the compliments I get whenever I wear either. Perhaps our paths will cross at Verksted – since I know I "NeeD" more hats! - Anya


Keep making those beautiful works of art – Margaret

dear anita.........ohmyohmy, do i ever love my new hat!  just moved to port townsend 2 months ago from ashland......am venturing out now and then to discover the surrounding area and went to poulsbo friday.  on  the way back to the car my friend spotted your work in the gallery  window and in we went.  i first tried on those adorable muffettes, but  then graduated to the hats.  and tho i should not have spent the money  i couldn't help myself......i just HAD to have the hat with the red/ black striped faux fur rim with the lovely black dome and black and  white button on top.  i think i felt like a queen when i walked out of  there!


you do truly exquisite work........i just looked at your website gallery and am enchanted with all your WONDERFUL creations.  you are  such a talent.  i feel ever so lucky to have one of your pieces to  adorn my very own noggin! blessings on your head, -nancy B.


Love all of your hats and I think your prices are quite reasonable considering the work you clearly put into each one. Sharon

My parents and I loved looking at your hats, and my mom bought "Crossing Paths."  We just moved to Poulsbo, so I'm sure we'll be bringing all our visiting friends and family to see your works of art.  They really are something special.  I hope you hear that often!  -H

My husband is a carpenter and redesigned my closet not long ago.  He had a client come over to see it because she was having a new home built and wanted to see an example of how to design her closet.  When she saw your hat she went bonkers about it.  I just want another so badly. - A.


The hat is beautiful.  Thank you so much.  Sharron H.

So many lovely compliments on your wonderful hats.  My friend went out of here Tuesday wearing my Mom's pink hat (the one you made) home.  She was walking to First Hill and it was freezing out so I offered it to her.  She offered to drive to Poulsbo because she was so excited about the hats! Warmly, Leslie – Seattle


You will be pleased that I brought a friend with me, and she just had to have one of your hats, too! -Shari H.

I love all your hats by the way. –Marie

They (3 hats) arrived today and are just beautiful.  Thank you so much.    I gave your name and number to an upscale small clothing store here in Eureka called the Irish Shop.   They just love your hats too!  I hope to order more from you  later on. Who knows, maybe I will get a bit daring and try some bolder colors!Thanks again, Allison


I purchased one of your hats from the Verksted Gallery.  I love it, as I live in the Chicagoland area, and winters are always long and usually very cold.


I'm very curious to know the symbolism and meaning of the design on the hat and would appreciate a comment from you on its story.


Interestingly enough, is that the afternoon that I was shopping for the hat, some lady shoppers noticed me trying on hats and they saw this hat on the rack and said (out of viewing all the other hats) -"that this one suites you perfectly!"  So I tried it on for them and they confirmed that it was the 'one' - so of course I purchased it without any further hesitation.


If anything it will always be symbolic of the beautiful Northwest. I love the colors of nature and also appreciate the uniqueness of elegant handmade items. My compliments to you for your lovely handiwork! Sincere regards, -Debra  F.


Hello - I live in Bellevue WA and have made several trips to Poulsbo this summer, trying to find a wonderful hat that you created - but either they are too small for me or - now - they are too warm, they have the lovely fur but are too warm for me. Every time I ask, the lady says you've just left (I always go there around ten am) - I am not giving up; I hope I can snag one before Xmas - I looked at the picture of previous ones and am smitten - luv Margco