For homeowners TWCE can provide a very personable service focusing on a clients requirements with cost effectiveness and buildability at the forefront of any work undertaken.  Since the 1st of March 2014 revised building control regulations have come into force which have a significant effect on the way construction is undertaken in terms of monitoring and sign off. 

Two new roles have been created, that of Assigned Certifier and Design Certifier. 

TWCE are able to undertake both of these roles for a client if their project falls withing the remit of such roles being required.

We also provide other services that include but are not limited to:

Assigned Certifier, Design Certifier and Ancillary Design Certifier under the building control regulations (BCMS system)

Structural appraisal of existing building especially with regards to any changes to layout and structural implications.

Structural surveys of damage caused by any means for inclusion with insurance claims or claims against third parties.

Design of structural elements including foundations and beams for extensions or new homes.

Site inspections of structural and civil engineering work to check on its compliance with the building regulations.

Chartered Engineers opinion of compliance certification for structural works in accordance with building regulations and opinion of compliance with planning permission if required. 

We cannot stress the importance of this service especially with regard to the fact that Ireland heavily relies on self certification of construction works irrespective of opting in or out of the full assigned certifier route for construction works to one off new builds and extensions.